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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have a crack or a ding in my windshield - is it really important that I fix it right away?
A. Yes! It is very important for you to make sure it is either mended or replaced all together. Damages to the windshield can decrease the vehicle’s safety rating and ability to keep outside particles from entering the car.
Q. Can I have my glass replaced at my home or office?
A. Yes! We have a fully mobile workforce that will meet you at the office or at home to repair or replace your windshield and it comes at no additional charge to you!
Q. How fast will your business respond to my needs?
A. Tarheel Glass prides itself in its ability to be versatile and efficient. We have same or next day service for all windshield repairs.
Q. How do I schedule an appointment?
A. To schedule an appointment or get a quote on our auto glass service, call us at (919) 309-2800.
Q. How long will it take to get my windshield repaired?
A. Most of the repairs take a relatively short amount of time. The average waiting time during the process is around 25-30 minutes. The average time for a windshield replacement is one to two hours depending on the vehicle and the required time for the adhesives used to secure the glass into the vehicle.
Q. Do you give free quotes on projects?
A. Yes! Tarheel Glass will come on the scene to give you a quote for free! We provide free quotes for anyone that comes to us for service. Even if you end up going with another firm or find another solution to your problem, we are here to serve you.
Q. How quickly will your service be able to complete a project?
A. Tarheel Glass makes it a point to be on time for any appointment or quickly on the scene when there is an emergency break out. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide service as quickly and effectively as possible.
Q. Is there a service guarantee?
A. Tarheel Glass guarantees each customer will be highly satisfied with our ability to provide expert glass installation service. We have many qualified glass technicians to provide you with the materials and installation for any project. If we can't do it, we will find a way.
Q. If I have an emergency break out, how quickly can you make it to the scene?
A. We will make it to your location for an emergency break out call as soon as we possibly can. We know emergencies happen and there is a need for quick repair in some cases. Tarheel Glass puts much effort towards helping the customer as soon as possible in their time of need. Emergency break out calls go to the top of our order list!
Q. Do you provide at home/office auto glass repair?
A. Yes! We will come to you! We know our customers have very busy schedules and sometimes do not have the time to take their car in for repair. That is why we have a windsheild replacement/repair service. Our trained glass technicians will meet you at your home or office to provide repairs. We developed this feature in order to provide convenience to the customer.
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