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Residential Glass

Glass Replacement
Tarheel Glass specializes in glass replacement. No matter the size or complexity of a glass replacement project, Tarheel Glass' collection of highly qualified glass technicians will have a solution. We have many different glass replacement options and have experience in almost every type of replacement. Call today for a free replacement estimate!
Custom Mirrors
Mirrors can come in many shapes and sizes and can be used for many different applications. They enhance a room by enticing illusion and reflect the true character of a space. Tarheel Glass is here to help you customize your living environment with custom mirror replacement, repair, or renewal.
Shower Enclosure
We do shower enclosures too! It has been a trend recently to do away with the old bathtub and replace it with a sleek and sophisticated stand-up shower. What better way to keep up with the times than to incorporate a shower enclosure in your own home. There are many different types and qualities of glass to choose from. Speak with one of our Tarheel Glass representatives to get a new shower enclosure today!
Patio Doors
Replacing a patio door after years of ware or replacing panels that are broken is very important. Leaving these needed repairs for a period of time could cause further damage, which is why Tarheel Glass is here for your patio door replacement or repair needs. We have specialized technicians that will be able to replace or repair your patio door without a problem. Call today to take advantage of our free quote! Don't leave those repairs until another time! Act now!
Vinyl Windows
Almost every house has vinyl windows installed. We provide repair, replacement, and installation for any type of residential housing. If you have an emergency break out at your house. We will expedite your order to the top of our list. We truely care for our customers and want to provide the best service possible. For more information about emergency breakouts see the blue section below.
Table tops
Need a glass tabletop repaired or replaced, but cannot find someone with the capability? Tarheel Glass is at your service. We provide many different services, including tabletop repair and replacement. We have all types of glass for you to choose from. Call today for your complementary quote!
Lexan engineering thermoplastic, characterized by the amazing things that it is capable of. It is flame retardant, scratch resistant, generally tough, heat resistant, weather resistant, of high optical quality, and complies with stringent FDA and USP requirements.

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Emergency Breakout

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