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Specialty Glass

Custom mirrors
Do you have a mirror that needs replacing, but want a custom shape? Call Tarheel Glass! We have many different technicians to help provide you with a mirror customized just for you and your living space. Our glaziers are highly qualified and look forward to shaping your home with a new custom mirror from Tarheel Glass.
Shower enclosures
Shower enclosures are new to the market, but of course Tarheel Glass has your installation solution. We have many trained highly trained glaziers to take care of any of your shower enclosure replacement, repair, or installation needs! Call Tarheel Glass today!
Patio doors
Replacing a patio door after years of ware or replacing panels that are broken is very important. Leaving these needed repairs for a period of time could cause further damage, which is why Tarheel Glass is here for your patio door replacement or repair needs. We have specialized technicians that will be able to replace or repair your patio door without a problem. Call today to take advantage of our free quote! Don't leave those repairs until another time! Act now!
Glass replacement
Tarheel Glass specializes in glass replacement. No matter the size or complexity of a glass replacement project, Tarheel Glass' collection of highly qualified glass technicians will have a solution. We have many different glass replacement options and have experience in almost every type of replacement. Call today for a free replacement estimate!
Storefront glass is a specialty of Tarheel Glass. Since our founding we have made it a point to go above and beyond, especially for the businesses that we cater to. We take pride in giving you the opportunity to find the best deal on glass replacement for your business. Tarheel Glass is just the company to take care of your glass related needs.
Laminated glass
Laminated glass is a type of safety glass that holds together after it is broken. If you have never heard of this type of glass, it is similar to that which is installed for car windsheilds.

Have you ever noticed when your car windshield gets hit by a rock the damage never really breaks the window? That is when laminated glass goes to work. The rocks impact does enough damage to crack the glass, but because of the interlayer the glass shards and pieces remain bonded. This is usually when you see the spider web effect outside impacts create on the glass.

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